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Sandpoint Depot vote: Thank you City Council!

I encourage everyone to thank our City Council members for a unanimous vote to pursue acquiring the historic Sandpiont Depot.

Here is the letter I sent to them earlier this evening:

Dear council members,

I wanted to personally thank everyone for their support of the historic Sandpoint Depot. I feel that the Sandpoint Depot provides an active link to the City’s past and a focal point for the future. I truly appreciate the discussions that I had with every Council member and I am encouraged by the active participation of so many concerned citizens.

Thanks again for helping progress our City toward a future that honors the past and all of those that have come before us.

Very best regards,
Aric Spence
Sandpoint Historic Preservation Commission
Depot Subcommittee Chairman

Sandpoint City Council
Michael Boge, 208-263-4282 (home)
Helen Newton, 208-263-4950 (home)
Stephen Snedden, 208-263-6866
Carrie Logan, 208-263-1277 (home)
John Reuter, 208-550-1713
John O’Hara,

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