Updated on 12/7/09: Show support for the Historic Sandpoint Train Depot – Sandpoint Train Station (Sandpoint Train Depot)
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Updated on 12/7/09: Show support for the Historic Sandpoint Train Depot

Just updated on 12/7/09 with some touching comments I have received over the last couple months.

You should also check out the many letters of support that were received before the recent council vote. Use the following link to view a list of all the letters of support.

As some have already discovered, there is now a “Show Support” form in the right hand column for those that want to get involved in making sure the Sandpoint Train Station remains an active passenger depot in the core of Sandpoint’s population. I want to say thanks to everyone who has already used the form, your comments go a long way in helping to energize me for continuing this effort.

Here is sampling of what some have had to say:

  • As the owner of the Cedar St. Bridge Cafe I fully support your efforts in restoring the depot and in the greater vision that Doug Jones presented for Depot and the downtown.¬† I also believe there is a huge potential to bring tourists out of Edmonton and Calgary if there was a North/South Passenger Service and the Chamber and Downtown Business District marketed Sandpoint as a destination to these two geographical areas.¬† The Canadians saved the day this past summer.¬† Also,¬† Leavenworth, Wa just build a new station and will be offering a stop there.¬† Whitefish, Sandpoint, and Leavenworth should be marketed Seattle/Portland area as well as Omaha, Minneapolis, Milwalkee areas as a train vacation destination.
  • I would HATE to see the Sandpoint Depot destroyed. I think it is a awesome building and have ridden the Empire Builder to Illinois numerous times and have waited inside the building for the train to arrive.
  • Without its historic memory (buildings) a city becomes just another sprawling megapolis.¬† Once you loose it, you can’t get it back.¬† How many towns in the west regret their decisions for destruction of their history?¬† Try Nampa and the long gone Dewey Palace.¬† How different Nampa would be now.¬† Don’t let this happen to Sandpoint.
  • Closing the Sandpoint train station makes as much sence as shooting oneself in the foot.
  • The train availability in Sandpoint is one of the features that inflluenced my moving here.
  • Thank goodness there are visionaries in Sandpoint that choose the see a future with a thriving downtown economic hub.¬† They remind me of other visionaries, maybe even Warren Buffett.¬† Way to go city council.
  • Great building and a nonsense to abandon it and built a station in the middle of nowhere!
  • Keep the depot from being abandon, we need this train station where it is at, it is historical to Sandpoint and to so many people.
  • The station has a big place in my heart – keep it as an Amtrak station!
  • We should do all we can to presverve this … This would be a definite tragedy for Sandpoint if we lose this.
  • I am Landscape Architect in Sandpoint, have taken the train many times to the east, all the way to PA. also to Seattle, as do my children. It would be a great loss to have the station removed. A smart move for the RR would be to add a route that goes to through both Glacier and the Cascades during the day, people would pay good money to see the mountains. With rail use on the rise, it doesn’t make sense to abandon our station.
  • Please let me know how I can help support this important effort.
  • The Sandpoint Depot is an important part of Sandpoint’s beginnings as a town. It has the possibility of attracting local people as well as visitors. If the Amtrak stop were to be expanded, rather than abandoned, it could service connecting cities. This depot was important in both World Wars, transporting our troops. My grandparents, Robert and Zibbie Coons, who lived on the lakeside of the railroad tracks, took coffee and donuts to the boys who served in the wars. Let’s do all we can to save it.
  • This is the last historic structure on the original real point of land called Sandpoint.
  • I live in Spokane & I use Amtrak weekly to and from Sandpoint and so do many other locals, I know many people use it to commute to Seattle and Portland weekly. Its nice to have that mode of transportation in north Idaho.
  • We use Amtrak yearly to go to the Midwest – so much could happen if Amtrak and the community woke up and appreciated what they have. Look at Whitefish – they are very successful with the ski/rail program. Good luck in your endeavors.
  • As someone who doesn’t drive, the train is currently the only way I can get to Sandpoint from Spokane.
  • I regularly travel Amtrak walking to the depot. I need the stop to stay there.
  • It would be tragic to lose the depot.
  • The Sandpoint Train Station is an important landmark in Sandpoint and its history. With the construction of the bypass it will be even more of a landmark and serve as a portal to our community. We should support the preservation of the station and it’s intended use to take advantage of rail access in our downtown core and show pride in our heritage as a community.
  • Given the increasing frustration with air travel, I’d think rail would be seeing increased opportunity. We’ve traveled to and from Sandpoint several times via Amtrak and have found it very enjoyable. The historic depot adds a lot to the experience. It would be a huge loss to abandon it.

Use the “Show Support” form in the right column to show your support and I will keep you informed as things develop. Simply uncheck the box or let me know if you do not wish to receive future email updates.

For those still wondering why to get involved, please see the post titled “Could this be Sandpoint‚Äôs next train station?” and you will come to see why this effort is so important.

Thanks again to everyone.

Very best regards,
Aric Spence

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