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City endorses Sandpoint Depot deal

Unfortunately, this article is quite incomplete with regards to mentioning all the people involved in making sure Amtrak kept a presence in Sandpoint and agreed to restore the Historic Sandpoint Train Depot with the monies received from the Idaho Transportation Department.

I want to  personally thank all involved, especially everyone on the Sandpoint Historic Preservation Commission for their tireless work and efforts keeping the ball rolling and discussions continuing over the last 3-4 years of this process. Look through the archive of this site (going back to April of 2009) and you will get a flavor of all the work that has been done to get to this point. Hat tip to all the people that had a part in this, I realize and truly appreciate all your efforts. Thank you!!

Special thanks to: Tim Boden, Carlos Suarez, Hellen Newton, Carrie Logan, Kody Van Dyk, John Reuter, Zach Hagadon, The Sandpoint Reader, The Historical Museum, Michael Snedden, Bob Camp, Dann Hall, Bruce Vogelsinger, Jacquie Albright, Krister Allen, Melissa Bethel,  Sue Graves, Brad Granfield, the rest of the Sandpoint Historic Preservation members, all the local citizens who wrote to the City Council to express their support for the depot, Perservation Idaho, Dan Everhart (ITD), Jonathan Hutchison (Amtrak), Mark Meyer, National Association of Railroad Passengers (NARP), Nancy Renk, Gale Lister, Jim Hamre, Arther Poole, Barry Green, Jim Walter. Sorry if I missed anyone, I will add more as they arise.

Here is an excerpt from an article in the Bonner County Daily Bee from Cameron Rasmusson:

At Wednesday’s council meeting, members approved a letter of agreement between Amtrak and Burlington Northern-Sante Fe Railway Company over the restoration of the depot. While the agreement is still in draft form according to city attorney Scot Campbell, its approval by City Council members is a step in the right direction toward a re-opened and functioning train depot.

Idaho Transportation Department originally supplied $921,664 to Burlington Northern to replace the depot as part of an obligation to keep a regional stop open for Amtrak’s use, according to city engineer Kody Van Dyk. Given the Sandpoint Depot’s dilapidated and inoperable condition and complications from the presence of the Byway, Amtrak officials had resolved to abandon the structure and set up shop elsewhere. Thanks to some persistence from some Sandpoint officials — including an especially diligent effort from … Read the entire article here.

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