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Where did the current “Sandpoint” Depot signs come from?

Most people are unaware that the current “Sandpoint” Depot signs are not original to the building. The original ones were small wooden signs that split “Sand Point” into two words. They were later replaced by additional wooden signs that joined the two words into one, “Sandpoint.” Sometime in the 1970’s the second wooden signs were replaced by the metal signs that are currently in place on the north and south ends of the depot.

So, where did the signs come from? For many years I have heard rumors about their origin and, until now, there was no visual proof. Drum roll… The current signage on the Northern Pacific Depot came from the Great Northern (GN) Depot located at the end of Main Street.

A good friend recently sent me a link to several photos that were just added to the Great Northern archive and several detail the depot on Main Street. It was strange seeing the photos as I used to walk past the Great Northern Depot all the time as a kid. I can remember sledding right on the other side of the tracks down by “Chuck Slough.”

Here is a small gallery detailing the Sandpoint Depot and signage over the years along with images of the Great Northern Depot at the end of Main Street. Enjoy!

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