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Sandpoint Depot Negotiating Team: Letter to BNSF & Amtrak

At the request of the Sandpoint Depot Negotiating Team, I am posting the letter that was sent to several people at BNSF and Amtrak on Monday, November 30, 2009.

Dear Sirs:

The City of Sandpoint Council and Mayor have stated their desire for the city to enter into negotiations with you regarding the Sandpoint Train Depot and the Amtrak passenger service to Sandpoint.

Attached is a copy of the action taken by the City Council at the November 18, 2009 meeting.

To that end, we as the assigned negotiating team wish to engage you  in discussion regarding :

  1. Depot ownership
  2. Set aside construction/rehabilitation funds
  3. Continuing Amtrak service

Please advise us of those persons within your respective companies who will be the contacts for these negotiations.

All communications should be addressed to:

Depot Negotiating Team
City of Sandpoint
Attn: Melissa Bethel
1123 Lake St.
Sandpoint, Idaho 83864

Yours truly,
Depot Negotiating Team
Kody Van Dyk, City Engineer
Carrie Logan, City Councilwoman
John Reuter, City Councilman
Aric Spence, Chair of Historic Preservation Commission Depot Sub-committee

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